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3.0 out of 5 stars Undies !!! 2 updates., September 9, 2014
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Arrived on time..
perfect material.
i did get an XL because i was reading reviews stating they run a little small & i thank EVERYONE for that.
they fit perfect. no complains everything is perfect.
I DO recommend this product.
&&; what i LOVE about it, the white panties came in its own bag but the same bag. not a fan of anything
white. so that will stay perfectly wrapped in the bottom of my draw. dont have to worry about it getting ruined
or pushed to the back of the draw getting snagged on the lip of the draw you know..
love them (: MIND you i do wear thongs ALOT and trying to get in the habit of throwing those out
and i can comfortably wear these no problem in jeans. yoga pants and that stuff i wont because of the
pantie line. not saying they do.. but go figure there will prolly be a paint line.
i didn't see when i wrote ^ this review last but i'm pretty sure its been a month or so? its 9/27/14..
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5.0 out of 5 stars Out of the package, they look great (order size up)..., July 19, 2017
Leigh Anne
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I ordered up a size based on a review I saw, and they are good. I was disappointed to not receive a larger variety of colors, but the panties themselves seem well made, and I like how the hit at the waist, don't cinch, and aren't riding up. The true test will come when I launder them. In the past, I have purchased underwear like these, and they seem good, but out of the wash I find pilling and pulling of threads which makes them unsightly. I usually wait to write a review, but if I have an issue post cleaning, I try to amend the review. I like the material, the cut is nice, they look pretty right now, but we'll reserve a whole-hearted review after I do my clothes. I will follow whatever directions for laundering I see on the tag, & go from there. Fingers crossed...

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4.0 out of 5 stars I Like It, August 30, 2014
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Not the most comfortable, and does ride up in both the front and back due to the seam location. If you do not mind the look of them riding up in front, (As not shown in any of the advertised pictures) they're fine. But if you do, I'd suggest finding ones with seams on the sides, because it is very noticeable in any color other than black. I personally loved the price, and am willing to deal with it.

The colors are not bad. I got two black, two white, two purple, two red, one pink, one blue, and two yellow. The yellow is terrible, of course, but what yellow isn't when it comes to ladies underwear? I love the look, except for what I mentioned above. These cover all that needs to be covered while still coming off as sexy. They can also for the most part be used as regular underwear, especially under slacks or skirts where panty lines are frowned upon. I cannot count how many times these have been a lifesaver for that very reason. Professional outing? Check.

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